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Kaia Bamboo Cleansing Cloths Cashmere D/C
$19.00 USD


Kaia Facial Bamboo Cleansing Cloths are 4 products in 1:

  • Eye make-up remover
  • Facial cleanser
  • Toner (pH balanced; does not strip the skin)
  • Cleansing cloth

 Each package contains 30 cashmere-soft cloths

Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths are like nutrition for your skin, because they contain healthy ingredients to quickly cleanse and remove. And you can do it with a clean conscience because they are made from 100% bamboo - totally sustainable and biodegradable - oh, and they are unbleached (fewer chemicals, neat color)!

Kaia facial cleansing cloths are infused with 8 pure citrus essential oils, organic Canadian honey, sunflower seed oil (helps pick up impurities from the skin) and the gentle cleansing of oat amino acids. This formula leaves the skin feeling velvety soft after cleansing, with no need to rinse with water and no alcohol (that dries the skin).

The cloths have been dermatologist tested and are safe and gentle enough to remove eye make-up (even if you have the most sensitive eyes). The other great thing about bamboo is that it does not leave behind tiny fibers in your eyelashes after removing mascara….even waterproof mascara!

Your skin may feel so soft after these little gentle cloths clean away the day you may not feel the need to moisturize…….. less work and you can go to bed sooner!

About Bamboo
Bamboo is the ultimate renewable resource in the natural fiber market, as it is a grass that grows quickly and requires no irrigation or fertilization. Known as the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo reaches maturity in 3-4 years vs. 70 years for most trees. Thanks to inherent biological traits that protect it from pests and pathogens, bamboo doesn't require pesticides. Through its natural ability to eliminate bacteria, biodegradable bamboo stays fresher and odor free for longer and is more hygienic and healthier than any other fiber. In China, bamboo fiber is used to make medical gowns and slippers, as it is naturally antimicrobial and perfect for a sterile hospital environment.

Breathable bamboo cleansing cloths are extremely soft, and often compared to the feel of cashmere. Bamboo, although soft, is strong and resilient. Unlike cotton fiber it will not leave tiny fibers in eye lashes after removing mascara. The bamboo used in kaia facial cleansing cloths is also unbleached one more way we can keep things as free from chemicals as possible.


Kaia naturals NEVER test their products on animals, kaia is an approved member of PETA and listed on their caring consumer website. kaia naturals products do not contain: Alcohol, Synthetic Fragrance, Parabens, Sulfates

In cosmetic labeling, the term "alcohol" used by itself, refers to ethyl alcohol. Cosmetic products, including those labeled "alcohol free", may contain other alcohols, such as cetyl, stearyl, cetearyl or benzyl alcohol. These are known as fatty alcohols, and their effects on the skin are quite different from those of ethyl alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol, which are drying on the skin. Fatty alcohols, which do not dry the skin and are aliphatic alcohols derived from natural fats and oils, originating in plants, but also synthesized in animals and algae.

Water/Agua, Acacia Gum : derived from the acacia tree and is soothing to the skin, Xantham gum: naturally fermented corn sugar, Canadian organic honey : an emollient and nutrient with antioxidant and anti-microbial properties with the ability to absorb and retain moisture, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate: a food grade emulsifier used in baked goods, Cetyl Alcohol : a fatty alcohol from plant oils with emulsifying properties, Sunflower Seed Oil: the extract from sunflower seeds, a rich emollient high in linoleic and oleic essential fatty acids and vitamin E, Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids, extremely mild cleansing agent which is skin friendly and derived from oats, Panthenol: A moisturizer, derived from vitamin B5, with humectant-like properties that aid in skin absorption. Benzyl Alcohol : a naturally occurring essential oil with antimicrobial properties, Dehydroacetic Acid: Food grade preservative, which protects against bacteria and fungus, has an excellent toxicity profile and is non-formaldehyde forming, Salicylic Acid: Gently exfoliates the skin, reducing sebum build-up, Benzoic Acid: Food grade preservative, which protects against bacteria and fungus and occurs naturally in cherry bark, raspberries. Phenoxyethanol: Food grade preservative, non-formaldehyde forming. Benzethonium Chloride: Provides antimicrobial activity against fungi, mold and is a food-grade preservative.

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