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Total Block SPF 60 (DISCONTINUED) Tinted
$31.50 USD


Total Block Lotions are the most protective sunscreen products offered, formulated to include photoprotective and cellular protective agents from every category of beneficial substances for the skin. Total Block is fragrance free, and PABA free. The Tinted SPF 60 is water-soluble and combines protection from multiple forms of ultraviolet radiation (UVR), along with cellular oxidation reactions and even atmospheric environmental damage. Total Block SPF 60 Tinted offers total protection for continuous use.

Total Block SPF 60 is unique in its ability to protect the skin from the full light spectrum and prevent cellular environmental damage to the skin, regardless of the source of these pollutants. Total Block SPF 60 incorporates eight forms of mill-dispersed solids, ranging in controlled particle-size from 10 microns down to a few nanometers. These particles are suspended homogeneously to achieve maximum protection throughout the entire UVB/UVA range. Micro-dispersed particles shield the skin from atmospheric damage and trauma. Eight forms of micronized and sub-micronized particles of titanium dioxide, sub-micronized zinc oxide, along with ultra-micronized iron oxide form the foundation for a wall of reflection and refraction.

Physical Blockers in Total Block
Titanium Dioxide

Two forms of titanium dioxide were selected for Total Block. First is an opaque, cosmetic form that reflects and scatters most wavelengths of UVB, plus some UVA. Second is sub-micronized "transparent" titanium dioxide. This form of titanium dioxide allows for a much higher percentage of protection while retaining cosmetic elegance, and achieving an increase in UVB protection. Together, these two titanium dioxides (differing only in particle size) obtain excellent UVB protection (High SPF) plus moderate UVA protection.

Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide has been used topically for centuries as a skin protectant and wound healing adjuvant. It is a recognized mild antimicrobial agent. Zinc oxide absorbs, rather than scatters most UVA (titanium dioxide primarily scatters). Therefore, ultrafine zinc oxide "closes the window" in the UVA range, left open by titanium dioxide.

More than 50 years ago, zinc oxide was indicated as a potential block for ultraviolet light (UV-A). It also reflects infrared from the skin, as does titanium dioxide. However, its ability to protect in the long UVA range is much higher than titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide absorbs, rather than scatters, most UVA while titanium dioxide primarily scatters these wavelengths. Therefore, ultra-fine zinc oxide "closes the window" in the UVA range, left open by titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide works to both complement titanium dioxide's protection and extend photoprotection to the skin where titanium dioxide is insufficient. The optimal particle size range for ultraviolet-blocking zinc oxide (without blocking visible wavelengths) is approximately 80 to 150 nanometers (1,000 nanometers = 1 micron).

Supplementing the opaque and "transparent" titanium dioxides in Total Block is "transparent" sub-micron zinc oxide (Z-Cote ™). Its protective abilities cover UVB and a majority of UVA radiation.

Iron Oxides
We commonly see iron oxide in cosmetics to give the cover-up color desired. Cosmetic iron oxides are man-made to very high purity, color, and particle size. Research has demonstrated that these cosmetic pigments not only add color to the lotion, but also contribute significant protection of the skin. Equally important, these metal oxides act as a "heat-sink" to lower the heating action of infrared rays on the skin. Iron oxide pigments are micronized powders that, by controlling the temperature and rate of drying during manufacture, are available in a number of shades and tones of red, yellow, black and brown (and blends of these basic colors). These cosmetic pigments (if incorporated at adequate concentration), when properly dispersed in well-designed vehicles not only add color to the lotion (or cream, powder, etc.), but contribute significant protection of the skin from all "light" forms (UVC, UVB, UVA, Visible).

Indirect Physical Blockers in Total Block
To boost the effectiveness of the various "oxide" particles in Total Block, special ultra-flat particles are incorporated. They themselves are very small, pleasant feeling particles but much larger than direct physical blockers. These overlapping particles increase protection on the skin.

Polymers are the skin protective compounds in Total Block that assure all of the "light" protective materials bond to the skin surface in a multi-layer film, giving increased and uniform overall protection. Total Block Lotions' myriad of "light" absorbers and blockers are further enhanced by still another unique material, caramel. Emolliency is extended by a patented SPF (UVB) booster, Elefac™I - 205 [octyldodecyl neopentanoate].

Total Block SPF 60 contains:

  1. Three soluble organic non-PABA sunscreen UV absorbers to assure continuous uninterrupted UVB absorption coverage.
  2. Elefac™ I-205, a proven, patented UV protection factor booster, plus two special polymeric materials that enhance both the UV protection factor and strengthen its atmospheric skin-shield effectiveness.
  3. Six antioxidants/trace element additives that both augment the lotion's UV protection activity and reduce acute oxidation damage to the skin cells.
  4. A series of antioxidant free-radical scavengers that provide direct cellular protection via the addition of Tocopherol and Tocopheryl acetate (two forms of Vitamin E), which are recognized antioxidants, and effective topical cellular protectants. Pycnogenol™ (Maritime Pine extract), reported to be one of the most potent free-radical inhibitors, a Vitamin C derivative, and Beta-Carotene, are also solubilized into Total Block lotions.
  5. Selenium protein complex: Topical application of organic selenium complexes have been demonstrated to increase Minimal Erythema Dose response (MED) while reducing acute skin cell damage due to UV exposure.
  6. Ultra-micronized iron oxide (unique to Total Block), which acts as a radiation protectant by absorbing and scattering all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation (UV, visible and infrared).

Total Block Tinted SPF 60 make-up is the only individually customizable, liquid make-up foundation that can be color adjusted to match almost any skin tone while completely protecting the skin from the damaging UVB/UVA rays. It is packaged with Light and Dark color concentrates, allowing each person to adjust the product's base color to closely match his or her skin tone. The Light Color Concentrate contains titanium dioxide powder with glycols that allow it to mix into a liquid form. The Dark Color Concentrate contains iron oxide powder with glycols that allow it to mix into a liquid form. These dark and light color control adjustors are included with each package of Total Block SPF 60 Make-Up.

Total Block SPF 60 Tinted may be used as a foundation make-up or a camouflage cover-up for skin imperfections such as melasma, vitiligo, post-laser surgery, post skin cancer removal, hyperpigmentation, discoid Lupus or any condition where the skin requires camouflage make-up, including Rosacea.

Active Ingredients: 
Benzophenone-3 UVB/ UVA Sunscreens
Octyl Methoxycinnamate UVB Sunscreen
Octocrylene UVB/UVA Sunscreen, SPF aid
Titanium Dioxide UVB/UVA Sunscreen
Zinc Oxide UVB/UVA Sunscreen

Inactive Ingredients:
Acrylate /octylpropenamide copolymer Water repellent film former
Aluminum starch octenylsuccinate Enhances SPF & skin feel
Ascorbyl palmitate Vit "C" derivative (antioxidant)
5-Bromo-5nitro-1, 3 dioxane (&) propylene glycol Preservative
Caramel (burnt sugar) Color toner & SPF aid
Carotene Vit "A"precursor,(antioxidant) & SPF aid
Cetearyl alcohol & cetearyl polyglucose Skin protectant, emulsifier (binder)
Dimethicone* Emollient, water repellent
Disodium EDTA Color protectant, preservative aid
Iron Oxides Colorant
Isopropyl/isobutyl/butyl parabens Preservative
Linoleamidopropyl dimethylamine Skin adhesive, emulsion aid
Maritime Pine Extract (Pycnogenol™) High potency antioxidant 
Octyldodecyl neopentanoate SPF booster and emollient; Patented
Polysorbate 20 Emulsifier (binder)
Propylene glycol Humectant (maintains moisture)
Purified water Refined water
Selenium yeast derivative Cell protectant & SPF aid
Sorbitan laurate Emulsifier
Talc Dispersion aid (for solids)
Tocopherol Vit "E" (antioxidant)
Tocopheryl acetate Vit "E" (antioxidant), SPF aid & free-radical absorber/scavenger.

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